Adoptable Buns

Below is a partial list of the bunnies we currently have available for adoption. Please keep in mind that our list of adoptable rabbits is in constant flux due to successful adoptions and new intakes. Though we try our best to keep the site updated, there is some lag time between shelter activity and the update of our adoptables list.

Some of the bunnies below may have been adopted out recently and there are likely more adorable bunnies at the shelter than are listed below. If you are interested in meeting anyone of our rabbits, please get in touch with us by email or by phone to make sure they are available for viewing and double check on availability.

For more information about a bunny, click on any one of their photos to read their bio and view more photos.

Please note the some are housed at our Rabbit Center in Marietta and some are being fostered off premises. If the rabbit is housed off site in one of our satellite foster homes, we will set up a meeting so you can be introduced!

Be sure to read our page on the adoption process to make sure you meet the requirements and are properly prepared for the commitment of bringing one of our lovely buns into your home

We look forward to meeting you!

Photos of our adoptable rabbits are done by Ed Christensen