Happy Beginnings

We here at the GHRS love nothing more than hearing back from those who’ve adopted rabbits from our shelter! These success stories make the tireless work all worth while. We welcome letters, emails and pictures from those of you have adopted From us and invite the visitors to our site to read the updates we have received. We hope you find these stories as inspirational as we do!

Hi Ronda,
Hayden Lexie
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that Hayden and Lexie are still doing great here. I have so loved having them! In fact, we had their one-year adoption party just last night, complete with celebratory bananas!
Here’s a picture of them in their birthday hats (which promptly became fun chew toys after this was taken)
Thank you, again, for letting me adopt them. I adore them so much- I can’t believe it’s already been a year since they came home with me!

Hope this finds you well,
Sarah Sheffield

Hi, Charla!

I’m pleased to say that Shawnee (now Zoe) is getting along fantastically! She’s still a little nervous about some things, but we are perfectly happy working with her on that. She’s already settled down; she’s gone from being nervous about being picked up to being fine with it. She made it perfectly clear that she likes having two litterboxes as opposed to one, and since we gave her the second, I have not found a single pellet out of the box. She also loves sitting on the third story of her cage, looking out the window.

She comes when she’s called to get head scratches, and she just melts when I lay on the floor with her. She gets a little grumpy when I stop, and she makes it perfectly clear when she doesn’t like something, but her negative responses, like grunting and lunging, have been slowly draining away as she realizes there’s nothing to worry about. She has absolutely no fear of the cats, and she enjoys giving them a good chase (with her chasing them, as opposed to the other way around). Even if they’re not willing to play, she’ll race around on her own. We had a little negotiation about what can and can’t be chewed, but we managed to convince her that her definition of chewables (everything) should be replaced with ours (her toys). In short, she’s eating fine, has perfect litter box and chewing manners, and some good, healthy rabbit attitude – she’s perfect!

I’ll let you know if anything changes, but if her binkies are any indication, we’re quite content here! Thanks for checking in, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


I adopted Molly several months ago and I wanted to let you know she is doing fabulous and is a very happy bunny. She and my male, Clover, immediately got along..it was if they were reunited verses having to go through a bonding period. She is completely in charge and he absolutely adores her. I included a few pictures to let you see how she is. As you will see, my dog Gunner considers her a part of the family and she has finally gotten used to his playful intentions. He still wants to hug and groom her but that might take a few more months for her to get used to.

Thanks so very much and for all your continued efforts in saving these rabbits. I wish I could save many more. If I can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Karen Molly, Clover and Gunner


We could not be pleased more with Panda (now named Franklin-or Frankie for short). He is an absolute joy to have. He bonded quickly with Jo, our two year old lionhead, and he constantly snuggles her and loves to binky and play with us. He is eating normally, poops normally, and as of yet has showed no issues with his teeth, so fingers crossed that was a one-time issue. Thank you so much for checking in on us, and we are so thankful you guys took such good care of him until he could come to our forever home.

Kelli and Ben (and Frankie and Jo)


Ginger (aka Clara), is doing very well. She seems quite happy and is eating and pooping regularly. She has a slight incontinence problem, leaving poops around the room, here and there, but it seems to be getting better. She loves to chew, whether it’s carpet, cardboard or paper bags. So far, she hasn’t damaged anything of value, but we try to keep her supplied with safe objects.

She and Gilligan are adorable together! When she first got here, Gilligan wouldn’t eat until she went to the food bowl, too. He’d go to the food bowl, look for her, go find her, go back to the food bowl, etc, until she finally showed up to eat. We didn’t realize how bored/lonely Gilligan must have been until Ginger arrived. He’s much more sociable with us now, too. They’re like an old married couple, stretched out by their food bowl after a meal.

Daughter Emily (16) stopped by our local animal shelter today to turn in a volunteer application. They received a rabbit this week, and he was sitting in a wire pen. Emily asked about carpet or newspaper to put over the wire bottom and whether he had any timothy hay. The employees explained that they hadn’t had a rabbit before. Emily came home and got a cardboard box, carpet, treats, greens and hay, then returned to get the bunny set up with the necessities. She gave them your contact info, as well as the food list you supplied us. She was a hit at the shelter, and she owes it all to the training you supplied when we got Gilligan. Good job NGHRS; you’ve impacted bunnies in Chattanooga!


Basil is doing absolutely great! He eats, drinks and poops quite regularly. He loves his new favorite spot next to the chair in the living room. Without a worry, he stretches out to take his naps and comes over to snuggle and sit. He likes to have his ears scratched and have his fur brushed, it really relaxes him. He is also enjoying the last of the summer squash that was grown in the garden. He has a very calm and almost poised temperament and is very alert and inquisitive. Basil arranges his hay exactly the way that he prefers and he nestles in it to relax.

It is a joy to have him in our home. He is a wonderful rabbit and thanks to the North Georgia House Tabbit Society. I am glad that I had the opportunity to provide a caring loving HOME for Basil. Please continue the fantastic work!

Thank you all SO very much!

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