Long Term Residents

The GHRS is a no kill rabbit shelter and rescue, meaning that every bunny we take in gets the medical attention they deserve, regardless of cost. Rescued bunnies are then socialized and rehabilitated and when deemed healthy, are placed up for adoption. Unfortunately, because of the lack of care some bunnies endured before being rescued, a few have permanent battle wounds from the neglect. Some of these bunnies are considered “Special Needs” rabbits and they require a little extra love and personalized attention but can be adopted out to homes who are committed to and capable of their care. These quirky, yet adoptable buns, are listed below and noted as “Special Needs.” If you find yourself interested in one of these rabbits and feel you can supply them with the care they need, please fill out our Adoption Application and one of our adoption counselors will get back in touch with you.

Sadly, there are some rabbits who’s needs go beyond what most people are capable of seeing to and their long term or complex medical conditions make them ineligible for adoption. These bunnies are considered to be our “Sanctuary Rabbits” and they are cared for by one of the GHRS’ Sanctuary Homes for the reminder of their lives. Because of the continuing medical care these rabbits require, donations in support of our sanctuary program are greatly appreciated and will help ensure these special rabbits continue to get the care they deserve. To sponsor one of our sanctuary buns, just view their bio and find the Paypal link and we will make sure that the funds donated go directly to their care. The bunnies will be most grateful that you did!