Babies, Babies and More Babies!


These energentic and HUNGRY babies were abandoned and in desperate need of rescue. The GHRS stepped in to help and now we have lots of hungry mouths to feed and baby bunnies that need vet visits and eventual spaying and neutering.

Since we are committed to only adopting out properly socialized, healthy, spayed and neutered bunnies, this family will be staying with us for many months to come. They will be given time to grow strong, become familiar with people and different surroundings and reach an appropriate age to undergo the surgery they need before being put up for adoption. The many months of care and the many surgeries are sure to be an expensive undertaking!

Can you help?

The GHRS is asking for help from the bunny loving community! Donations to our baby bun fund would be greatly appreciated and would help us provide the best care for this new family as well as continue to provide the great we give to the rest of our rescues. Donations of $5 will help us buy a bag of pellets for the buns to eat! A dollar buys a head of lettuce for their lunch! It doesn’t take a huge amount to make a significant difference. So please, consider making a contribution. The buns will be so grateful that you did!