Reasons To Adopt Our Rescue Rabbits


There are many benefits to adopting a bunny. Surprising to some, the benefits can be very practical and make your experience a much more pleasant one. So before you go out and make the commitment of getting a rabbit, we ask that you consider these reasons for choosing adoption.

You’ll be saving lives!
By adopting a rescue rabbit, you not only save the life of the bunny you adopt but you make room at the shelter for another one to be taken in. Adopting means giving 2 bunnies a second chance at life!

All of the Georgia House Rabbit Socitey’s rabbits are spayed or neutered before they are put up for adoption!
Not only will this save you money, since the small adoption fee is all you’ll pay, but it will save you from having to nurse the rabbit during it’s recovery period. Bunnies need special care and lots of observation after their surgeries and complications can arise. By getting a rabbit who has already gone through the procedure, you’ll have a happy, healthy bun and not have to face the risks of the operation yourself. As an added bonus, rabbits who are spayed and neutered are much better behaved and less prone to destructive and aggressive behavior. Some people decide to avoid this expensive operation due to the cost, the inability to find a vet to perform the procedure or because they feel there is no risk of an unintended pregnancy. This is more often than not a tragic mistake since 85% of unspayed females will get uterine cancer if not spayed by age 3.  By adopting a bun from us, you’ll avoid all these hormonal issues you would otherwise experience.

Our adoptable rabbits are healthy, litter trained and socialized!
Unlike the treatment pet store rabbits receive, our rabbits get the utmost in care. Each rabbit is seen by an experienced veterinarian and all of their health issues, if any, are addressed. They receive the best diet and lots of love and attention. Our adoptable rabbits are healthy, litter trained and socialized. The same cannot be said for the rabbits you see at a pet store. Sadly, they are all too often stressed, unhealthy, unsocialized and subjected to a poor and potentially dangerous diet. There is no need to encourage this irresponsible practice when there are so many wonderful rescue rabbits waiting for a home

We can find the right bunny for you!
Our volunteers spend lots of time with our rescue rabbits and get to know the personality and habits of each of them. Our observations can help you pick the bunny who best suits your personality and lifestyle. Already have a bunny and looking to find them a friend? Our match making expertise and bunny bonding sessions can help you find the perfect companion!

Our adoption counselors ensure that you know what to expect before bringing a rabbit/s into your home.
When adopting from GHRS, we spend time with you to ensure that you receive the right knowledge to properly care for your rabbit. This information is vital to the health and happiness of your bunny and also for adapting the rabbit’s needs and care into your family’s lifestyle. When you bring home one of our rescue rabbits, you’ll leave knowing how to provide them with proper housing, a healthy diet and with an understanding of rabbit behavior. We offer several Bunny 101 classes every month that cover basic care and a Bunny 201 class that covers advanced medical/care needs.

You’ll feel good knowing you made a difference in an animals life and they will forever be appreciative!!
There is a special bond that forms between a rescue animal and their human. Many believe that the animal knows their good fortune and are grateful for the second chance at life. Or perhaps it is the person who is grateful for the wonderful companionship and the joy their new friend brings to their life. Either way, we know that you’ll fall in love with your bunny and you’ll have yourself to thank for giving them the good life they deserve!

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