Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014


Boomer was seen running around a neighborhood for 2 weeks before a kind and determined person was able to catch him in a cat trap. At 3 months old, and under 3 pounds, he was just a little squirt! Boomer was covered in ticks and fleas and had 15 bot fly worms surgically removed from […]


IRIS – When Iris arrived, she was badly underweight. Now that a little time has passed, this bunny that once was lethargic and boney has begun building up her weight trying to get to where she should have been in the first place! When her body finally gets a chance to catch up, she’s going […]

Pippin and Binkley

Pippin and Binkley – This slightly odd looking couple may look a little mismatched, but together they make quite the pair! First, there’s Pippin…the ridiculously cute gray fuzzy guy (who looks like he’s some kind of silly cartoon character). Then there’s his big friend Binkley who looks like he could be the star bunny in […]


Reba – The beginning of Reba’s story starts off a little sad, but we’re sure it will end with a “happily ever after”!! Sweet Reba came to the Center with her husbun who passed away soon after their arrival. They were found by someone after being dumped off a balcony in a box. She was […]


Obsidian – It seems that whoever Obsidian belonged to before he ended up at Animal Control may not have understood what he was trying to telling them. Whether it was because someone didn’t respect his space, didn’t protect him from overly interested children, or didn’t give him the attention he so desperately wanted, Obsidian sometimes […]

Opal 1

This pretty little girl is Opal. She was abandoned with her 2 brothers at about 3 months old. She is now 6 months old and a good little bunny. Opal loves to have her head rubs first thing in the morning. She wants them before breakfast, and will let her food wait till she gets […]


My name is Kobi! I am a young boy, under 6 months old, and was abandoned with my 2 brothers and sister. I am full of energy and love to explore and find new things that interest me! I am currently at Edgewood Petco, but will be coming back to the shelter in August, so […]


Zoey is a sweet girl. She loves play time and exploring equally as much as napping. One of her favorite hobbies is burying herself in her towel and wiggling her way out. She also loves attention and particularly loves a good petting. Once you start rubbing her head she completely melts and would stay there […]


Peanut is a sweet little lop looking for his forever home! He was dropped off at the Fulton County Animal Control along with Vincent. Peanut is shy at first but will warm up with love and attention. He likes making goofy faces and snacking. Fill out an adoption application today!

Molly (1)

Molly is a pretty Rex bunny that is almost 2 yrs old. Petting her is a dream because she feels like velvet, and she loves it too! She is a sweet and friendly girl that was found as a stray. She can be a little shy and, like most rabbits doesn’t like to be picked […]