Boomer Is Up For Adoption!

Boomer was seen running around a neighborhood for 2 weeks before a kind and determined person was able to catch him in a cat trap. At 3 months old, and under 3 pounds, he was just a little squirt! Boomer was covered in ticks and fleas and had 15 bot fly worms surgically removed from his little body. Through it all, Boomer was a trooper. He never lost his good nature or his appetite. He learned to come for papaya treats within a couple days, and took immediately to his greens.

This is a darling little bunny! He is still about 3 ½ pounds and we expect him to stay small. He is very people friendly and is doing binky’s all the time. He even seems to like cuddling under your neck for pets. Boomer likes to get up high so he can see everything better, and negotiates levels very well. He may seem shy at first, but he will warm up to you with some gentle persuasion – and food – he loves to eat.

Boomer  1

Boomer  2

Iris Is Up For Adoption!

IRIS – When Iris arrived, she was badly underweight. Now that a little time has passed, this bunny that once was lethargic and boney has begun building up her weight trying to get to where she should have been in the first place! When her body finally gets a chance to catch up, she’s going to be a big girl! Her energy is already coming back and she’s usually eager to have a chance to get out of her pen and explore! Iris is friendly and enjoys being pet and loved on…she doesn’t even mind if you pet her while she’s lounged out for a nap! Nothing really catches her by surprise and nothing really fazes her. She would probably be good with children who are responsible and careful around bunnies. She has been through so much, but this outgoing girl is just happy to be here and hopeful to find a loving home!


Pippin & Binkley Are up For Adoption!

Pippin and Binkley – This slightly odd looking couple may look a little mismatched, but together they make quite the pair! First, there’s Pippin…the ridiculously cute gray fuzzy guy (who looks like he’s some kind of silly cartoon character). Then there’s his big friend Binkley who looks like he could be the star bunny in his own children’s book – they’re such an adorable pair! Both of these guys have medium energy levels and seem to adjust well to new situations and surroundings. Binkley is definitely the more adventurous bun of the pair and is generally the first to come out and explore during exercise time. Pippen, on the other hand, prefers to lounge about in their pen and either nap or wait for someone to come in and pet his soft fluffy gray fur. These boys would probably be fine with having some responsible human children friends in their forever home as they seem to be relaxed and calm even in interactions with new people and sounds.

Pippin and Binkley

Reba Is Up For Adoption!

Reba – The beginning of Reba’s story starts off a little sad, but we’re sure it will end with a “happily ever after”!! Sweet Reba came to the Center with her husbun who passed away soon after their arrival. They were found by someone after being dumped off a balcony in a box. She was a little quiet for a few days, but she seems to be opening up to us well despite losing her beloved friend. She’s just a little thing with such sweet and expressive eyes! She might not be quite as energetic as the famous Reba McEntire, but she is perfectly curious and seems to be comfortable with new situations and sounds. After getting a little exercise and satisfying her curiosity, she enjoys settling in for some love and attention and sweetly puts her nose out for scratches. Her personality seems like she would do fine with responsible children, however, because she’s a bit small, they would need to be very careful and supervised so that she is kept happy and healthy! And don’t forget that she could also be a very good prospect for bonding if her potential family already has a bunny in their home!


Obsidian Is Up For Adoption!

Obsidian – It seems that whoever Obsidian belonged to before he ended up at Animal Control may not have understood what he was trying to telling them. Whether it was because someone didn’t respect his space, didn’t protect him from overly interested children, or didn’t give him the attention he so desperately wanted, Obsidian sometimes feels like he has to present himself as a tough guy. HOWEVER, if you listen to what he’s asking of you, he will immediately thank you for your understanding by bowing his head and enjoying the attention that you give to him. He loves his treats and he loves attention from the people that he trusts. In his excitement to see you (and the possibility of a small treat), Obsidian will often grunt like a guinea pig as he uses his nose to help you open the pen door, then insist on a head scratch and petting. It isn’t difficult to win over his trust, but he might not be the best bunny for first time bunny parents since he can be sensitive about people messing with his pen. He would probably do best at a home without children or with very respectful and patient children, where someone will take the time to listen to him and let him know he can now just relax and enjoy his new life!