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Ask Miss Waffles….Colorblind Buns

Dear Miss Waffles,

Do bunnies see in color? Just curious.

— Wondering in Roswell

Dear Wondering in Roswell,

Yes we do see in color. It’s a sense we developed over time so we could pick out ripe fruits and tell the difference between good and bad vegetation. Mostly I just see red. Like when I don’t get my treats on time. But that’s a story for a different time.

If you would like to learn more about why we see what we see, check out this article:

Love and Kissies,
Miss Waffles


Ask Miss Waffles….Cloudy Urine

Dear Miss Waffles,
Sometimes I notice traces of white urine in my bunny’s litter tray. My vet assures me that occasional white urine is normal, but what is it and what causes it? After reading my bunny books about cloudy urine, I’m still a little cautious.

Thank you!
Toby’s overly-cautious Mama

Dear Toby’s Overly-Cautious Mama,
It is quite normal to see the occasional white build up from our tinkles. The main culprit is calcium. We do not process all of the calcium we take in so we expel it in our urine. A good way to be able to tell the difference between sludge and regular urine is to wait for Mr Toby to have a mistake on the floor and then feel the texture of the urine. If it feels gritty then it may be sludge but if it watery then he is fine. That’s right, I want you to touch his pee. Score bunnies! Anytime we can get you to do something gross it’s our gain. Ha!
Of course it never hurts to get Mr Toby a checkup. But don’t tell him I told you that.

Love and Kissies Miss Waffles


Ask Miss Waffles…..Poopy Butt

Miss Waffles,
Why would my bunny start having fecal matter stuck to her bottom? We haven’t changed her food at all and have had her for a couple of years. We gave her a bath (which she did not enjoy) a week ago and noticed yesterday that she has some building up again. Can you please give me some ideas to stop this problem or how to help it not get so bad?

Worried in Atlanta!

Dear Worried in Atlanta,
Boy I tell you, we bunnies hate having what you humans call ‘poopy butt’. It’s hard to look fabulous with doodoo stuck to your backside.

It can be caused by a few different things. I have to ask about the poop itself. When I was getting poopy butt, the nice people at the shelter had my teeth checked and it turned out that I had developed points on my back teeth. This can cause a lot of pain when we eat and chew on things and it may look like we are eating enough but the pain is stressing us out and making our poop sticky.

Sticky poop can also be caused by parasites, changes in diet which you say you haven’t done and a host of other things. Also it may be possible that your bunny may need what the people call a “hygienic trim” around the area where the poop gets stuck. This is sometimes needed for long hair bunnies.

I would suggest that you get your bunny to a good bunny savy vet to get it’s teeth and other things checked out so that he or she does not have to suffer from Poopy butt anymore. We have a list on our website of some great vets if you don’t already have one yourself. The Rabbit Center here also offers grooming services if you are ever in need of that “hygienic trim.”

Here are a couple of links to some more information on our poops. Please let me or the nice people here at the shelter know if you have more questions.

Love Miss Waffles