Found A Wild Baby Bunny? Information About Wild Rabbit Care

It is Springtime in Georgia and the season for flowers, sunshine and lots of baby bunnies! Many people will stumble across these babies and many of these people will be concerned, believing that the wild babies need rescuing. The information provided below is aimed at helping those who have come across rabbits in the wild.

The GHRS is an organization that rescues domestic rabbits not the wild cottontails that you often see in your back yard. We get many calls at the Rabbit Center from people who have found wild rabbits or rabbit nests. We cannot help in these situations and ask that if you have found a wild rabbit in need of help, that you turn to one of the resources listed below.

It is important to emphasize that a wild rabbit, especially babies, may or may not need your help. Most often people will come across a nest they suspect has been abandoned. This scenario accounts for the majority of the calls and questions we get about wild rabbits. In reality, what looks like an abandoned nest could very well be a perfectly healthy one cared for by an attentive mother.

There are tips and tricks to recognizing an abandoned nest though and certain circumstances that do call for rescue. Please follow the link below to read more about wild rabbit rescue. It should give you the information you need to identify a rabbit in need of saving and some tips on how to help.

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If you have determined that the babies are truly orphaned, please refer to this link –