In Memory Of Lindy

The following tribute was written by, Ronda, one of our chapter managers and a foster mom to many of our rescue buns. Ronda gives much of her time and her heart to our rescue rabbits. Though rewarding, it can be a difficult job at times like these. Those of us at the GHRS mourn the loss of Lindy as well as acknowledge the loss that Ronda has experienced.

“Lindy came to us from a county shelter in North GA. She was so pretty – a beautiful mix of tan and light gray fur that changed color in the sunshine. Lindy was a cuddler, loved to be held and was always shoving her nose towards you for petting and more petting. She loved people and she loved life and would run and binky every chance she got. She tried to get my cats to groom her and would follow them around asking for their attention. I got the devastating news that she did not live through her spay surgery, and it was discovered that she had lesions of disease on her lungs that were unable to be detected ahead of time. Lindy left me with such happy memories in the short time I fostered her. She is very much missed!”