Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Rainbow Bridge

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Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.


All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by…

This page is dedicated to the bunnies we have loved who have crossed over to rainbow bridge.

If you would like to have your beloved bunny added to our Rainbow Bridge memorial, please email us their story and a picture if you have one to send.

In Memory Of Amirah

With great sadness, we mourn the loss of our beautiful Rex bunny, Amirah. Adopted from the HRS in May 2010, we were blessed to know her and to feel her love until she passed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 25, 2014. We don’t know her true age, but estimate that she lived 11-12 years. […]

In Memory Of Jerry

We are sad to announce that Jerry passed away today Tuesday April 23, 2013. You may remember Jerry, as his face became synonomous with our Dunwoody hoarding rescue. A beautiful, tiny brown bunny, his inquisitive look stole many hearts. Jerry had been being fostered since his rescue. Below is the tribute written by his foster […]

A Tribute To Maryanne

We are heavy hearted in sharing the news of the loss of Maryanne, one of our rescued rabbits. Maryanne, a beautiful Mini Rex bun, had been being fostered by Shelley, one of our shelter volunteers. We are comforted in knowing that this bun had a wonderful home during her time spent in foster care and […]

A Tribute To Clover

Clover, My Bunnysatva 10/8/04 – 3/16/13 My sweet friend and love-bunny, Clover, has hopped over the Rainbow Bridge. There is no way I can express in words what Clover meant to me. The following is my humble attempt to share her life and honor her for all the wonderful gifts she gave me, in the […]

In Memory Of Amber

Kathy and Wallace Arnold saw their precious bunny, Amber, gently over to the Rainbow Bridge today (March 8, 2013). Amber was a beautiful, spirited girl who lived and loved life to its fullest. She developed a neurological illness that claimed her life and she will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Kathy sent […]

In Memory Of Lindy

The following tribute was written by, Ronda, one of our chapter managers and a foster mom to many of our rescue buns. Ronda gives much of her time and her heart to our rescue rabbits. Though rewarding, it can be a difficult job at times like these. Those of us at the GHRS mourn the […]

In Memory of Dobby

We are sad to report that one of our adopted bunnies, Dobby, has passed away. You may remember Dobby as the bun with the helicopter ears. It was a noticeable characteristic that made him so very expressive and, frankly, irresistible. Dobby was a bit shy in new situations but once he felt safe, his sweet […]

In Memory Of Lucky

Lucky We are sad to announce the passing of, Lucky. Lucky was a young boy, small, but packed with energy. He came to the Rabbit Center after being rescued and was up for adoption here at the Center. Sadly, Lucky developed stasis and though everything was done to save him, he passed away. Our volunteers […]

In Memory of Basil

We at the GHRS are saddened to hear of Basil’s passing. Our hearts go out to Stephanie, Basil’s human companion. Below is her tribute to her beloved bun. BASIL Adopted August 19th 2010 Passed Away Oct 14th 2012 Oct. 14, 2012, on this crisp Autum morning, my best bunnie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Basil was adopted […]

A Tribite To Alice

We are sad to report that little Alice has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I remember Alice well. Alice was a tiny little bunny, just a white puff ball of a bun. For such a compact rabbit, Alice had a bunitude that couldnt be matched! There was a lot of spunk and energy packed into […]

A Tribute To Caboose And Sheila

Below is Bonnie’s tribute to her bunnies Caboose and Sheila. Sadly, Bonnie had to endue the loss of both rabbits within a very short period of time. Our thoughts are with her as she mourns this great loss. We hope that she is comforted by the other rabbits in her care and that their affection […]

A Tribute To Holly

Holly was a beautiful and sweet little Lionhead who died suddenly, not long after arriving at the Rabbit Center. The cause of Holly’s death remains unknown. Holly and her sister, Ivy’s story begins at Christmas, when a Grandmother purchased the two rabbits to give as a gift. The little Lionheads were presented to her grandchild […]

A Tribute To Sweetie And Snickers

Sweetie came to live with the Sayeg Family in June, 1996 and although Edie knew nothing about rabbits, she quickly fell in love with her. A quirky and spunky bun, Sweetie quickly dominated the household. Snickers came to live with Sweetie and the family a year later – here is the memorial that Edie did for them after they passed to the Rainbow Bridge way to early. They will live forever in her heart and in the lives of the many rescued buns that Edie has worked to save in the memory of these two special buns!

A Tribute To Utah

He came to live with us in May 2008, when his first forever home changed its mind. It was a day for celebration. Upon arrival, he was knighted & became officially known as, His Highness, Utah, Duke of Bowen because our world revolved around him. He and Whitney became husbun & wife in July 2010, after just […]

A Tribute To Emmeline

This spring, Emmeline, a five pound, brown and white Dwarf rabbit, became ill and passed away. Emmeline’s owner, Megan, adored her and was devastated by the loss. Megan and I became fast friends several years ago, in part, due to the fact that we both had rabbits in our lives. Harley, my Dutch rescue, loved […]

A Tribute To Mocha

With a sadden heart on February 16th we had to put our little Mocha down. Mocha was diagnosed back in June 2010 by Dr. Stewart Colby with sebaceous adenitis which is a very rare disease to rabbits. Mocha was 1 of 5 bunnies in the U.S. to have ever been diagnosed with such a disease. […]

A Tribute To Trix

Trix’s story was particularly upsetting. She was won, yes WON, at a county fair. Apparently the lucky winner was more interested in a toy than a rabbit and Trix was forfeited to the Cherokee Animal Shelter once the family grew tired of the responsibility. She was a young girl, approximately 6 months old when she […]

A Tribute To Regina

Regina was a beautiful Rex rabbit rescued by the shelter. She was a sweet, smart and happy little girl that we all loved very deeply. It was impossible not to! Her affectionate nature was so endearing and her soft Rex coat was wonderful to pet. She was one of those special buns that loved to […]

A Tribute To Louie

We are sad to report that we lost little Louie unexpectedly just a few weeks ago. Louie was one of the babies born to an abandoned bun we rescued from the Cherokee animal shelter. It was a joy to watch him grow along with his litter mates. Our hearts go out to Cris, Louie’s adoptive […]