Do you love rabbits? Would you like to spend some time in the company of the fluffy little critters? Would you like contribute to their wellbeing and quality of life? Would offering up some of your free time to a local non-profit organization lift your spirits?

If you said yes to any of these questions then we’d be thrilled to meet you!!

The Georgia House Rabbit Society is the only organized group in the area rescuing these precious companions and it couldn’t be done without the help of volunteers! Volunteers run every aspect of this rescue including feeding the bunnies, cleaning the shelter, stocking supplies, overseeing our Hop Shop store, answering the phones and aiding in adoptions. We do it all! And we need your help!

So….are you interested in helping but think that maybe you don’t have the kind of skills that we need? Well we have a wide variety of tasks that we need help with! We also need volunteers for all days of the week and most hours of the day, not just public shelter hours. We can be quite flexible with anyone willing to offer their precious time to help us.

Below is a partial list of things that we do every day at our shelter to keep the bunnies healthy and happy. We need a lot of behinds the scenes help too with organizing, event planning and more!

So if you have the time to give, get in touch. Chances are, we can use your help.

FEEDING BUNNIES: We have many bunnies who live at our shelter and each of them need feeding twice a day, both in the morning and the evening. This fun job requires volunteers to distribute hay, pellets, fresh greens and water to the rescue bunnies. And lets not forget to mention, the occasional treat! Bunnies get to know their caretakers and LOVE feeding time! You’ll become one of their favorite humans with this volunteer position!

WEEKLY CLEANINGS: Twice a week, usually Tuesdays and Fridays, we do an all out cleaning of our bunny pens. This includes emptying litter boxes, cleaning the floors, changing towels and toys etc. Though the work isnt glamourous, you get to spend a lot of time, up close and personal, with the bunnies. You’ll get to know each of them and their personalities, and for that reason, can be a real help to the Center! We count on volunteers getting to know each of our bunnies so that we can not only gauge how they are feeling, but so that we can provide accurate bios and information about them to potential adopters.

GROOMING: To keep our bunnies happy, healthy and looking their best, each needs a certain amount of grooming, including brushing and nail trims. It’s not complicated or demanding work and you get to cuddle and love all the cute bunnies at the center! Not experienced with nail trimming? Don’t fret! Training is available to those willing to learn but not mandatory to those not comfortable.

HOP SHOP HELPER: We have a store at the shelter, called the Hop Shop, where we sell everything a rabbit could ever need or want. Since other volunteers ae busy tending to bunnies, we need people who can focus on taking care of our loyal customers while they shop.

ODD JOBS: There is a lot of busy work to be done at the Center in any given day. We keep ourselves busy and the bunnies happy by making hidey boxes, cutting carpet for their pens, throwing in a load of laundry or two, tidying up around the center, etc. e make lovely boxes for the bunnies to hang out in, they have holes cut. If you have some time to give but can’t devote consistent hours, there are plenty of tasks you can help with to keep our shelter hopping along!

EVENTS: We take part in several events during the year from manning booths at adoption days, to our own fundraising efforts. We are always looking for people willing to help us arrange, organize and set up for these special occasions. Not only will you be helping save bunnies, but you will get to work alongside other awesome volunteers and the general public. Since the events we participate in help us gain supporters and raise funds for our rescue efforts, lending a hand would a great contribution!

PETCO AND PETSMART VISITS: Did you know that the GHRS has partnered with area Petcos and Petsmarts, allowing us more exposure for our adoptable rabbits? We are always looking for help, checking in on these bunnies, stopping by and bringing supplies, making sure they are being loved, exercised and cared for. If you live near a Petco and would like to help us keep an eye on our bunnies, this could be a great volunteer opportunity for you!

FOSTERING: We’re also always in need of Foster Homes for our bunnies. If you think you have the space and love to spare, please consider hosting a rabbit for a temporary stay!

There are many other ways to help and always things that need doing, all in the name of helping save these adorable bunnies! If you would like to offer your time, please contact us by filling out our Volunteer Sign Up form through the link below.