Boarding and Grooming


While you are away on vacation, you can rest assured that your bun or bunnies are receiving excellent, rabbit-experienced care while housed in large, spacious pens with plenty of time out for exercise. Rates include pellets (if we carry your brand), hay and fresh greens daily.

We here at the Rabbit Center take the responsibility of caring for your rabbit very seriously. We will make sure to get your bun any specialized or emergency care they need. Upon arrival at the center we will ask that you complete a form so that you can setup guidelines for your rabbits care in case of an emergency. You can relax knowing there will be attentive eyes on your bunny throughout their stay.

Below is a letter from a satisfied GHRS boarding customer. We feel it’s a great account of the care your rabbit will receive as well as a perfect example of why having experienced caretakers is so very important.

I just need to take a minute and let everyone know how fantastic the HRS boarding group is. I am new to house rabbits. I fostered Cadbury for 2 years and it was relatively easy but you don’t know what you don’t know until there is a problem. Well, thank goodness for HRS boarding…” Read More

To make arrangements for boarding, please call us at 678-653-7175 for reservations or email our boarding staff

If drop-off/pick-up times are different from rabbit shelter hours please ensure that you have made an appointment in advance so that we are available. Email us with boarding concerns or changes or contact the shelter directly by calling 678-653-7175.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. If you are curious about our boarding area, we invite you to check out some pictures of our space and our pens!

Boarding Rates
Non members:
Daily – Single $15 / Double $20
Weekly – Single $99.75 / Double $133.00
Monthy – Single $399 / Double $532.00

Daily – Single $13.50 / Double $18
Weekly – Single $89.78 / Double $119.70
Monthy – Single $359.10 / Double $478.80

Scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs allowed on Sunday

*New boarding rates as of Oct 1 2013


The Rabbit Center provides a full menu of grooming services!
Please call 678-653-7175 or email to arrange an appointment

Nail Clipping $10
Anal (scent) Gland cleaning $10
Brushing (no mats) $5 Brushing, light mat removal – $10
Heavy mat removal $25 (per 30 minutes time)
Hygienic bottom Trim $5-$25 depending on length of time needed.
(This is ideal for long haired and over-weight buns)
Bottom Bath $10

NOTE: We never bathe a bunny! Only their bottom area if needed



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